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We are a local streetwear brand based in Wellington City, NZ.  Designed, owned and operated by us - a husband and wife team. We're just ordinary people still working our day jobs to keep the Phonetic. dream going all while raising a family.  

Hey I'm Clinton Taylor (Ngati Tamatera,Ngati Porou, Te Arawa & Ngati Pikiao) I have a background in art and design and I also enjoying surfing, skating and snowboarding. Hiya I'm Stephanie Etuata-Taylor (Kiwi Niuean)  I have a background in art, design and photography and I enjoy art and playing  the drums and piano. With our forces and skillset combined we created Phonetic.  

Because of our art and design backgrounds  and our love of music we put alot of aroha, thought, effort and energy into the whole process and into all our designs and clothing,  we never haphazardly slap on designs. To us, each piece of clothing has thought and meaning.  Yes we are a brand but we are grounded and humbled remembering how we started - which was next to nothing.  Using what little we saved and the koha we received from our families which managed to get Phonetic. off the ground.  

We have never used a professional model. We have nothing against them. But when we started with next to nothing our models were close friends or family members, real people who helped us out, help make the dream a reality and that help has continued today.  We use the talent in our friends and family pool  - those who are creative photographers to hair and makeup stylists, all who are super talented in their own professions. 

At the start, we spent a bit of time trying to give Phonetic more depth. Give it something more defining, to create more than just a clothing brand. Phonetic needed something to symbolise our vision & beliefs. The end result was the perfect choice. A symbol. A mathematical symbol to be exact. Equal by definition. (E.B.D) Meaning to us  - that no matter what defines you, as a person, we are all equal. Whether you’re skating it up on the street, a struggling student, meeting mates for some quiets, or a solo parent just wanting new threads. We want to appeal to everyone and what makes you who you are.

Phonetic. is truly inspired by a mix of street culture, art, design, street, skate, surf, snow & music influences. All of these elements creating a unique fusion, and a unique streetwear brand.  A fusion expressing a creative yet unique aesthetic that represents individuality! Phonetic. is about defining equality through difference. 

No matter what defines you in this world. We are all equal.

P H O N E T I C . 
Equal by Definition // E.B.D

//  Clint + Steph   //


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